Meet Katy...

Signet is a great place to develop a career in retail and merchandising, with plenty of opportunity for progression. I joined in December 2014 as an Allocator in the H.Samuel fashion team and moved to the Ernest Jones bridal team in December 2015, where I am now a Senior Allocator.

Ambition and hard work are rewarded at Signet, and one of the highlights of my career to date was being highly commended for Rookie of the Year at the annual awards ceremony. Being nominated was an honour and it was nice to be recognised for my efforts and hard work.

The office culture is very welcoming and friendly. Everyone is approachable and helpful - even the directors always have their doors open if you want to talk to them. In fact, aside from the fantastic discount (one of the many perks of the job!) I’d say that the people are the best part about working for Signet; each team is very close and you become a little family in working together.

Probably my proudest moment so far was my first product launch. The build-up to launch day wasn’t without its challenges, all of which needed careful management. Being trusted to handle these issues was all part of the fantastic learning curve that a career with Signet offers, and to know I’d helped ensure the launch was a success was a great thrill.

There’s far more to work at Signet than great jewellery and watches though. I am part of the Charity Champions and participate in various fundraising events. Aside from helping raise money for a great cause, it’s been a real boost to my confidence and development.

All in all, my career at Signet is varied, challenging and interesting and I haven’t looked back since I started.

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