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Career development is about having the confidence, skills and knowledge to shine every day. We know how important this support is, and we provide the best, to help you always be your best.

Head office development opportunities

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Development at Signet starts with believing in people’s potential and valuing people’s performance. You’ll be given the help you need to develop technically in your chosen function, whether that’s retail management or another business discipline. You’ll also develop your leadership ability, be it personal or team leadership. And you’ll be empowered to achieve excellent performance because we’ll ensure that you have the mindset, skills and knowledge to succeed.

Head Office Training

There’s a real diversity of possible careers with Signet. Our various Head Office departments work closely together, so whatever job you start in, there’s always the opportunity to move into another discipline and gain new experience.

Whatever your job at Signet, you’ll receive the support to achieve your full potential. The idea is for you to develop and expand all your abilities - so you can be brilliant in your current role and build your future career with Signet.

We want our employees to be good at what they do. For us, training and development aren’t optional extras – they’re how we do our job. At Signet, you can be guaranteed of our support in developing your skills base at every step of your career journey.

Everyone is encouraged to take personal responsibility for their development. With the support of your line manager you’ll create an individual development plan. You’ll be helped to find on-the-job development opportunities and to get the most out of coaching conversations. Show particularly high potential and you can be sure it will be spotted and developed – perhaps through exposure to different parts of the business, by working on business projects, or via mentoring or training programmes. Signet has some award-winning development programmes, but we also believe in tailoring development to the individual and will work hard to ensure that the activities you pursue are the right ones for you.

The attached link provides a bit more information about the training and development you can expect at head office, and how we look at developing future leaders of the business.

Retail development opportunities

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As part of our team in store you will be part of something very special. Every day your customers will come to you to help them choose a treat for themselves or gift for a loved one; very often you will be part of the preparations for an extra special occasion like their wedding or a birthday. It’s because of this that we know we have to get it right for them.

It’s for this reason that at Signet training and development aren’t optional extras – they’re part of how we do things.

Right from your first day and with the support of your manager, you will progress through our award-winning Signet Jewellery Academy. The Academy guides you every step of the way to develop the knowledge and skills you need to deliver an amazing experience for your customer. It even takes you on in to a career in management if that’s the path you choose.

The beautiful watches and items of jewellery you will sell are very intricate and highly crafted, so it’s reassuring for you to know that we work very closely with some of the industry’s leading professional bodies to make sure our training is the best it can be. For example, we are very proud to have our watch training endorsed by the British Horological Institute, to deliver award-winning diamond training alongside the International Gemmological Institute and offer our team the opportunity to receive a nationally recognised qualification in jewellery and watches from the National Association of Goldsmiths.

But your development isn’t all about the wonderful products, at Signet the experience you are able to offer your customer comes first. This is why you will not only learn through the Academy and other weekly activities in your store, you will also get regular feedback and coaching from your manager so that constantly build the skill needed to discover your customer’s story and help them find the watch or piece of jewellery that’s perfect – just for them.

At Signet we are good at spotting talent and working with you to achieve your potential. So if you have ambition and show us how good you are, your development will match the pace you set.

Click the attached link to see a sample from ‘BOB’ – our Book of Brilliance – which will give you a flavour of the training we offer.

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